Aging Better Starts Here

All Things Geriatric is a Nurse Practitioner concierge service for those age >75.  The primary focus is to help seniors navigate through the aging years by providing an at home comprehensive geriatric assessment with continued follow up.

What is Geriatrics?

Geriatrics is the branch of healthcare that focuses on our unique needs as we age.

Emphasis on 4M’s:

  • What Matters Most

  • Mobility

  • Medication

  • Mentation

Janie Earle, DNP

I first remember wanting to be a nurse when I was in second grade. My father will tell you I was either 3 or 4 years of age when I said I wanted to be a nurse. I first obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology, then attended nursing school 20 years ago. I worked as a registered nurse for many years in a wide variety of areas, as I was in the ‘float pool’ for the hospital. I then transitioned to clinic care and at the same time obtained my bachelor’s degree in nursing.

I acquired a greater passion for providing care to the senior population through my clinic work as a nurse care manager. I helped patients manage their chronic diseases, improve their mental health, and be connected to community resources.  I had the opportunity to serve on several senior committees for both the hospital and the community. Through these opportunities, dementia care became a focus of mine, and once I went back to school for a doctorate of nurse practitioner, it became my sub-specialty. Through specialized dementia care, I can perform complete assessments to help determine if a diagnosis of dementia is prudent. If dementia is diagnosed, I will then help plan for the future by providing education to patients, family members, and loved ones.

Being connected to community resources is a vital part of geriatric care. I will generously provide patients with knowledge and opportunities to connect with multiple community resources.

Why choose a Nurse Practitioner?

The aging years can bring unique challenges. Challenges that have never been faced before. Providing high-quality healthcare for older adults requires special knowledge and skills. A geriatric nurse practitioner can help bring to light those challenges, offer solutions and resources, and then plan ahead to enhance quality of life during those challenges.

Nursing brings a different yet nurturing focus into lives of patients. Nursing can be described as both an art and science; a hearth and a mind. At it’s heart, lies a fundamental respect for human dignity and an intuition for a patient’s needs.
-American Nursing Association